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Date : May, 2017


Lanca Contracting Limited was awarded, through the open tender process, the Six Nations Polytechnic Renovation Project under a Stipulated Lump Sum Contract.

Six Nations Polytechnic is a post-secondary education and training facility recognized for their Indigenous knowledge, with a Brantford campus. A unique educational facility where students acquire an education in their preferred field while also learning their culture and history.

The general tone for the renovation is to upgrade existing areas to perform better for the schools every growing need. The renovation work is located throughout the facility at ten separate locations, creating new operational spaces including several classrooms, a research lab, a community room, admission and staff rooms, washrooms and kitchen. In concurrence with the renovation, items will be brought to current barrier free standards.

Strategic removals included for electrical, walls, ceilings, doors, millwork, plumbing fixtures, heating fixtures, wall and floor coverings. Renovation construction will create new space by filling in of door openings and opening up existing spaces.

With budget kept in mind, existing ceilings will be finished up with new ceiling tiles, floors were stripped and cleaned to accept new epoxy and base. Walls will be freshened up with new paint and new counters and cabinets will be installed as required throughout the renovated space. In addition, as the new spaces are created, modifications will be completed as required to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system as wall as lighting, including new energy saving light fixtures.

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