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Sika Canada Inc. – Outbuilding

Date : May 2023


Lanca Contracting Limited has partnered with Sika Canada Inc. to provide a much needed shipping building on their existing property to increase their manufacturing capabilities to the Brantford area. Lanca has been contracted to oversee the construction of the new detached facility with 650 square meter storage space and new shipping office.

Sika Canada Inc. offers an extensive product portfolio ranging from roofing systems, concrete admixtures, concrete repairs and strengthening systems, sealing and bonding materials to high performance industrial flooring systems and waterproofing solutions for below-grade concrete structures. Lanca’s proven experience with the design and construction of pre-engineered building will surely bring about another successful build to the benefit of its clients and to Brantford as a whole. Building and growing a better future through hard work and ingenuity, is hallmark of the Sika brand and we at Lanca are proud to play a role in it!

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