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Date : June 19, 2017


After suffering a devastating fire on February 3rd, 2017, Mississauga Metals & Alloys has needed to act quickly to salvage material, equipment, and make the existing structure safe. Working with Lanca Contracting, the specialty metal recycler began work to bring existing equipment in a section of the building protected from a firewall back online to minimize business interruptions as much as possible. This work required the expert coordination of highly skilled electrical and mechanical trades to refurbish and make operational an electrical induction furnace with all its accompanying electrical equipment. Temporary utility connections also had to be made.

Phased demolition of the fire-damaged structure will proceed under the close inspection of engineers and inspectors so that ongoing operations can proceed during the rebuild process. Once Lanca completes the first phase of the rebuild, the induction furnace and all associated electrical infrastructure will be relocated to the new building, so that demolition can be finalized and the rebuild completed.

This complex project will test all project stakeholders, trades, and consultants on their ability to manage an ever-evolving scope of work as new discoveries by insurance adjusters and inspections reveal matters that need prompt attention and a detailed review. With Lanca involved from “Concept to Completion” of the refurbishment and rebuild this project will have hands on leadership directing and coordinating the many intricate aspects of disaster recovery.

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